Pine Wood Derby, Boy Scout Pack 151
Antioch CA ... Mar 18, 2006

John, the designer/builder of Black Widow 2's killer exhaust system, asked me if I would bring Black Widow 2 to the Pine Wood Derby hosted by his son's Boy Scout Pack. He said that many of the kids ... and some of the dads ... saw the web site and wanted to see the truck. I was a Boy Scout once, and I understood. I had to be there or I'd be square.

Saturday, March 18th came and it was a nice day. I pulled Black Widow 2 out, took a deap breath and roared off. You see, this was the first time on the road for The Widow since it was pulled apart for paint back in September '05, put back together and trailered to the shows. This day had to come. This was the day, and it was a 20 minute freeway run, to boot!

The pine wood derby was cool. Mom's, Dad's, Scouts and siblings where there to race their hand-built cars ... and wow did they move! I was impressed by everything I experienced ... starting with a salute to our flag ... as a former Scout and a vetran, that really touched home for me.

During the awards I was called upon to receive a special prize, built by Scott Savage, one of the Scouting dads. And to my surprise and joy, Scott handed me a jet black, pine wood truck with a bright red motor! Just like Black Widow 2 ... WOW!! Thanks Scott ... that is special. I immedately took it outside to show The Widow. He was so thrilled that he asked me to drive Scott around town a bit. I think Scott liked that. The Widow and I say thank you.

Photos were taken and then Black Widow 2 and I drove away. What a nice day ... we will remember forever.

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